this is medem

Welcome to the Monitoring Electoral Democracies (MEDem) Website! We are looking forward to sharing updates and information in the process of developing a European Research Infrastructure.

On this page, we want to create an information platform providing updates on the process of building a European Research Infrastructure and securing a place on the ESFRI roadmap 2024-2025. By sharing the latest developments within MEDem, introducing the MEDem team, and all supporting partners and networks involved, we want to give transparent insights in every step of the way. 

The website provides a detailed introduction to the research infrastructure, what it aims to become, and what services it wants to offer. There is also a section on how MEDem will be structured, as well as an area dedicated to events such as The MEDem Conference in March 2023.

For interactive dialogue and exchanging thoughts and research on electoral democracies with the whole MEDem community, feel free to write us an email
We are also on Twitter – you can find us at @MEDem_ERI.

MEDem will enable better, more comprehensive, and highly innovative comparative research on electoral democracies. It will bring together and link data sources on the functioning of democracies by building standards and instruments for data collection and analysis.

Stay tuned for more articles on the MEDem News page!

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