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Monitoring Electoral Democracy

The European infrastructure for unlocking the true potential of data-driven democracy research.

Monitoring Electoral Democracy (MEDem) is a new, evolving European research infrastructure that will enable better, more comprehensive, and highly innovative comparative democracy research on electoral democracies by bringing together and linking data sources on the functioning of democracies, and by building standards and instruments for data collection and analysis.

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European scholars, (inter)national research groups, networks, institutions, infrastructures & everyone who supports MEDem becomes part of the growing MEDem Community.

MEDem Conference & Workshop 2023

From 30th to 31st of March, the first MEDem Conference & Workshop took place at the University of Vienna, bringing together scholars from 37 institutions and 23 countries to discuss the future of democracy research and the development of the MEDem research infrastructure.

Hajo Boomgaarden & Sylvia Kritzinger at the MEDem Conference 2023

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MEDem gains support from 270+ Democracy Scholars

MEDem gains support from 270+ Democracy Scholars As MEDem continues to advance, the research infrastructure hits new heights of supporting democracy scholars this autumn. Over recent months, MEDem has...

Over 60 European Scholars already express their endorsement for MEDem

Over 60 European Scholars already express their endorsement for MEDem In the process of becoming a European Research Infrastructure, MEDem has been receiving increasing support from scholars across...

MEDem-Position open at the University of Lausanne

MEDem position open at the university of lausanne The University of Lausanne in Switzerland is looking for a dedicated research associate who will contribute in building the evolving research...

Above Vienna’s Rooftops: MEDem Conference 2023

ABOVE VIENNA’S ROOFTOPS: MEDEM CONFERENCE 2023 The kick-off MEDem Conference & Workshop took place on 30 and 31 March 2023 at the University of Vienna, bringing together researchers from all over...

The MEDem Headquarters says “Hello”

THE MEDEM HEADQUARTERS SAYS “HELLO” The team of seven is located at Kolingasse at the University of Vienna and is mainly responsible for building up the MEDem Research Infrastructure and coordinating...

MEDem receives support from the city of vienna

MEDEM RECEIVES SUPPORT FROM THE CITY OF VIENNA The MEDem Headquarters team thanks the City of Vienna for supporting the upcoming MEDem Conference in March. In about two months, the MEDem Headquarters...

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The first seminar of the @NES_Consortium is approaching! The topic is mixed-mode surveys and presenters are the PIs of the Danish and Polish NES. Any one interested in survey research is warmely welcome. See how to register ⬇️

We have reached 270+ scholars supporting MEDem 🎉! Join them: https://forms.gle/xqnKAkyNGq1eGGFk9

“In the face of the democracy crisis at both national and EU levels, the need for this research infrastructure is more urgent than ever.” – Gail McElroy, Trinity College Dublin

investigadores que trabajen sobre democracia, elecciones, partidos, líderes, campañas, o medios desde la ciencia política, la comunicación la sociología u otras disciplinas, pueden apoyar la iniciativa @MEDem_ERI para construir una infraestructura europea http://medem.eu

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