Governance Structure

In the prospective governance structure, the General Assembly serves as the governing body of MEDem. It consists of representatives from member countries.

After acceptance onto the ESFRI roadmap and based on the currently proposed governance structure, the MEDem Steering Committee will transition into becoming the Board of Directors (BoD) and, together with the Director will run the infrastructure. The Headquarters support and manage daily tasks and services as the main operational hub. The Advisory Board advises MEDem on specialised matters. The Service Centers (SCs) stand in for major service suppliers in a specific area of knowledge and/or type of data (e.g. population survey, data operations). 

The MEDem Networks are made up of leading (inter)national research groups and the National Coordinators Forum gives a voice to country-specific needs. Both have representation in the Scientific Council. MEDem cares for its Community both in terms of supporting with expertise as well as listening to it for guidance. Finally, the Austrian government already supports MEDem’s to-be Headquarters at the University of Vienna politically and financially. Other governments and/or academic institutions have expressed a desire to offer support in the future.

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