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MEDem Networks

As a European research infrastrucutre, MEDem connects long-term comparative (inter)national research groups and infrastructures in what we call the MEDem Networks.

National Consortia

Under the MEDem structure, the diverse interests and research contexts of individual countries are taken into account via National Consortia, organised by National Coordinators who lead these national liaisons.

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MEDem Community Voices

Listen to what European scholars said about MEDem at the MEDem Conference in March 2023.

I support MEDem, because I really think we need more data linkage, we need more collaboration, and we need a community of scholars who believe that, by collaborating, we can get further.
Ruth Dassonneville
University of Montreal
MEDem is a fantastic initiative, it is the type of initiative that no one can do alone. We need a strong, central organisation to take the initiative and bring communities together in order to have a concerted effort of understanding electroal democracy.
Claes de Vreese
University of Amsterdam
MEDem will enable us to link data across different datasets, across different countries, across time.
Lorenzo De Sio
LUISS University Rome
MEDem can be a really important infrastructure in the field of democracy research in order to allow us to understand democratic processes.
Åsa Von Schoultz
University of Helsinki

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