MEDem endorsements

Institutional Letter of support

The Institutional Letter of Support plays a critical role in expressing an institution’s (e.g., a university, other research institutions, or research associations) commitment to MEDem.

Download the template for your institution by clicking on the icon on the left and feel free to contact if you have any further questions.

MEDem Networks: Letter of Support

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) formalizes the participation of MEDem Networks in the research infrastructure.

As a European research infrastructure, MEDem connects and integrates (inter)national projects, infrastructures, and research groups in the Research and Infrastructure Network of MEDem (MEDem Networks). 

Please contact for further information, download the template letter on the left and join MEDem with your network!

Personal expression of endorsement

Democracy scholars all over Europe and beyond have already demonstrated their support for MEDem by signing the “Personal Expression of Endorsement”. With this, they show their belief in the transformative power of research and collaboration that will be fostered within MEDem and support the infrastructure to be included into the ESFRI roadmap.

Join them by signing the online form below.

Show support for medem

Sign the Personal Expression of Endorsement for MEDem.

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