MEDem Conference & Workshop

Vienna, March 2023

The kick-off MEDem Conference & Workshop took place from 30th to 31st of March 2023 at the University of Vienna, bringing together researchers from 37 institutions and 23 countries to discuss the future of democracy research and the development of the MEDem research infrastructure. We thank all attendees for their valuable contributions and lively discussions.

We were honored to welcome the Austrian Federal Minister for Education, Science and Research, Martin Polaschek, and the Rector of the University of Vienna, Sebastian Schütze to the MEDem Conference and extend our gratitude for their support and encouragement. 

Hajo Boomgaarden and Sylvia Kritzinger with Martin Polaschek and Sebastian Schütze ©BKA/Christopher Dunker

Above Vienna's Rooftops

“The easier it is to connect data, the easier we can make more out of the great resources and the great datasets that everyone is already producing.” Ruth Dassonneville points out why we need MEDem as an evolving European research infrastructure that brings together and links data objects on the functioning of democracies to better understand democratic processes…….

Gallery: Conference Impressions

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