Coming Up: the 2024 medem Conference!

We are thrilled for the upcoming 2nd MEDem Conference, scheduled to take place from February 29th to March 1st at AULA am Campus, University of Vienna!

The 2nd MEDem Conference comes at a pivotal moment in our collective journey towards securing a spot on the ESFRI Roadmap. As we approach this significant milestone, the conference serves as a platform for our community to convene, assess our progress, and collaboratively shape the trajectory of our research infrastructure. At its core, MEDem remains committed to advancing the field of comparative democracy research. 

The conference is designed to facilitate in-depth discussions on refining our research infrastructure, fostering stronger collaboration among our members, and reaffirming our dedication to nurturing a dynamic and responsive research community

Conference Highlights:

  • Assessing Progress: Evaluate the milestones achieved and challenges faced since the last conference, setting the stage for future endeavors.
  • Research Infrastructure: Explore innovative strategies for refining our research infrastructure, ensuring its adaptability to the evolving landscape of democracy research.
  • Collaboration Strengthening: Foster stronger ties among MEDem members, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange.
  • Future Trajectory: Engage in forward-thinking discussions to shape the future of democracy research in Europe.

We are looking forward to your participation in making the 2nd MEDem Conference a resounding success!

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