Coming up this year: The MEDem Conference

From the 30th to 31st of March 2023, the MEDem Headquarters team will host a two-day workshop and scientific conference at the University of Vienna to bring together the MEDem community in building an integrative social science infrastructure.

The aim of the MEDem Conference is to gather and connect international experts in the field of European electoral democracy, collect ideas and push forward the process of creating a European research infrastructure.

This is highly significant for the establishment of MEDem, as necessary steps for the harmonisation of internationally comparative data collections and analyses within the European research community will be discussed. There is a need for analysing changes in European and national research on electoral democracy to forecast political developments. For this, MEDem uses an open-science approach, making data, processes, codes, and scientific publications freely accessible for everyone, which is crucial to secure scientific standards and is particularly important in times of crisis. We expect scholars from over 20 European countries and different universities in Europe.

The event will focus on innovative methods and results on research in the field of electoral democracy, as well as on the detailed development and establishment of the research infrastructure. For this, the conference’s program will cover keynote speeches and presentations as well as open spaces for discussions. Moreover, a symposium will deepen this exchange among participating scholars from all over Europe. 

The Conference will take place at the Sky Lounge of the University of Vienna at Oskar-Morgensternplatz in the 9th district. The organisation and coordination of the event is led by the MEDem Headquarters team. To receive updates on the Conference, as well as gain insights during and outputs after the event, you can follow @MEDem_ERI on Twitter. Recordings of the conference’s keynote speeches will be made publicly available after the event. The list of speakers will be announced on the website soon.

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